Consultancy Upstream

Our consultancy services are built upon the basic philosophy to bring detailed design, construction and operational knowledge into the front end of projects. This ensures fit for purpose and operational designs increasing the probability of project sanction at a later date. This approach also aims to bridge the gap between the detailed design and early conceptual / FEED phases, adding value across the entire project lifecycle.

To enable us to provide the best possible consultancy offering, we carry the full range of multi-disciplinary skills needed. We add significant value to traditional consultancy services through being able to assess the validity of cost and schedule estimates as a result of our detailed design, construction and operational experience at an early design stage. One of our core areas of expertise is in the early Feasibility and Concept selection phases and we aim to add maximum project value during these critical phases through a solutions based approach using the right systems, processes and people. Please see the Upstream portion of the website for a full list of services we provide.